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1) After bachelor's, if u wanna be a counselor or a life coach, what degree would be great for it ?

Ans: So here can be two cases :
1)Bachelor’s degree in Psy. (Counselling/ Clinical or a similar subject.)
Then you should go for Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology as a 1st option.
And then think of Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology/ Behavioral Psychology/ Child Psychology/ Mental Health Psychology or similar discipline.

2)Graduation in any subject you can go for a certificate course or training/ graduation in any subject you can go for a PG Diploma or a certificate/ training course in Counselling/ Mental Health/ Career Counselling.

· List of counselling courses (Certificate/Diploma and PG Diploma)
Certificate in Counselling & Psychology
Ø Certificate in Child Psychology (best for people with a Graduate Degree in Psychology/Clinical Psychology/or a similar field)
Ø Certificate in Developmental Psychology (best for people with a Graduate Degree in Psychology/ Clinical Psychology/ or a similar field)
Ø Certificate in Stress Management
Ø Certificate in Mental Health
Ø Certificate in Career Counseling
Ø Certificate in Marriage and Family Counseling (best for people with a Graduate Degree in Psychology/Clinical Psychology/or a similar field)
Ø Certificate Program in Couple and Family Therapy (best for people with a Graduate Degree in Psychology/Clinical Psychology/or a similar field).
Ø Short Term Program- Fostering Strengths Skills and Perspectives for Enhancing the Psychosocial Well-being of Adolescents and Young People’

Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling
Ø Certificate program Emotional Intelligence Coach
Ø Certified Advanced Life Coach

Post Graduate Diploma in School Counselling (PGDSC)
PG Certification Supervision in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Helping Relationships (best for people with a Graduate Degree in Psychology/Clinical Psychology/or a similar field)
Ø PG Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (best for people with a Graduate Degree in Psychology/Clinical Psychology/or a similar field)
Ø Post Graduate Diploma in Community Mental Health
Ø Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling
Ø Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling (best for people with a Graduate Degree in Psychology/ Clinical Psychology/ or a similar field)

List of counselling courses (M.A. /M.Sc.)
M.A. Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice
M.Sc. in Advanced Hearing Therapy Practice
M.A. Counselling and Psychotherapy
M.Sc. Genetic and Genomic Counselling
Integrative MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents, and Families
M.A. in Addiction Psychology and Counselling
M.Sc. in Systemic Family Therapy
M.Sc. Behaviour Analysis and Therapy Family Therapy Counselling Children and Young People
M.A. in Counselling Psychology
M.A. Psychology
M.Sc. in Mental Health and Substance Use (Dual Diagnosis)
M.Sc. in Psychosexual Therapy
M.Sc. in Counselling and Positive Psychology
M.Sc. Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies
M.Sc. in Therapeutic Counselling
M.Sc. Psychotherapeutic Counselling
M.Sc. Integrative Counselling and Coaching
M.Sc. Systemic Practice and Family Therapy
M.Sc. Addiction Psychology and Counselling

2) What are the highest paying jobs in psychology ( ABROAD) ?

Ans: Psychiatrist: $214,380
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist: $96,2702
Neuropsychologist: $94,550
Clinical Psychologist: $81,650
Health Psychologist: $81,630
Experimental Psychologist: $81,350
Forensic Psychologist: $72,370
Sports Psychologist: $72,260
Developmental Psychologist: $67,990
School Psychologist: $63,050
School Counselor: $58,120
Social Worker: $51,760
Marriage and Family Therapists: $51,340

According to 2020 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (and 2021 PayScale data when government data aren't available)

3) Highest paying jobs in psychology ( INDIA) ?

Ans: Sports psychologist : ₹589,581
Education psychologist :₹5,72,743,
Neuropsychologist : ₹500,000 per year.
Child psychologist : ₹480,00
Psychiatrists : ₹479,916 per year.
I/O psychologist :₹479,616 per year.
Forensic psychologist: ₹406,946 per ye
Clincal psychologist ₹362,758 per year
Counselling psychologist :₹355,326 per year.
School counsellor/psychologist: ₹297,988 per year.

4) Which one has more scope counselling psychology or clinical psychology?

Ans: Both Have Equal Opportunity. Yet clinical psychologist have a slightly higher score than counselling psychologist because

clinical psychologists work with a broad range of psychopathology and clinical diagnoses, they also receive more extensive clinical training with serious psychopathology, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and major depressive disorders.

Counselling psychologists tend to work with healthier patients who have less severe psychological problems. Counselling psychologists tend to work with healthier patients who have less severe psychological problems. Counselling psychologists see patients for relationship issues, substance abuse counselling, career counselling, difficulty adapting to life changes and other such issues.

In India Clinical Psychologist are RCI licensed thus more trustable as compare to counsellor . A clinical psychologist can perform counselling but a Counselling Psychologist can't treat a person with bipolar or schizophrenia.

5) Difference between psychologist and psychotherapist

Ans: A psychologist is a person who has a master's or doctoral degree in psychology. There are many different kinds of psychologists, but only Clinical or Counselling Psychologists are qualified to offer therapy. Psychologists treat mental disorders using psychological methods and cannot prescribe medicines.

Psychotherapists are psychologists or psychiatrists with additional training in a particular form of therapy for ex: Cognitive, Behavioural, or psychodynamic therapy.

6) What is MPhil?

Ans: Indian universities offer MPhil degrees as the most advanced master's degree in the fields of arts, science and humanities. The duration is typically two years long and includes both a taught portion and an extensive research portion.

After completing MPhil course candidates can consider pursuing a PhD programme. Aspirants who are interested in pursuing an MPhil course, need to first meet the eligibility criteria set. The criteria may vary under different universities, however, the basic eligibility set is that candidates need to have secured at least 55% marks in the subject in which they want to pursue an MPhil degree at the postgraduate level. Candidates are usually shortlisted for admission in an MPhil course on the basis of their performance in an entrance exam followed by a Personal Interview (PI) round.

7) Can we work after our bachelors in psychology field?

Ans: Yes, you can work in psychology field after bachelors in psychology like:

This domain of psychology is hidden only people who work in this field knows, so basically a psychometrists work under professional psychologist or psychiatrist as a diagnostic tests administrator. A psychologist interpret results, and psychometrists do the scoring. Mostly works in clinical settings, but it is a vast field psychometrists also administer tests in schools and even in the corporate world as a business psychometrist it helps in recruiting employees according to their strengths and can help a business to grow faster than usual, some enterprises offer senior psychometry positions.

Mental health coordinators works for health care providers or non-profit firms who attend vulnerable populations, Commonly related to ongoing patients/ clients long treatments. Mental heath providers needs to acquire soft skills like firstly and most importantly empathy, oral and written communication, and teamwork.

Substance abuse counseling is the great field to use our learning in psychology field, counselors serves almost functions as a psychologist but don’t have license power. They work in vast range of treatment modes, with many unified processes that reveal the renowned 12 step program.

Well you need to take a lot understanding of every field then only you can help people with their growth according to their interest and potential. Well obviously you can’t go for career counselling because proper career counselling needs some diagnoses and that only a licensed professional can do, you can get employed by high schools, colleges/ human services organizations, so basically a career counselors help students and employees determine how exactly they can use their natural talents and interests to achieve success in specific career field. School based career counseling positions basic requirement in graduate level education, a bachelor in psychology can help students to take admission into suitable academic programs at the graduate level.

8) What are the qualifications needed to be called as psychologist?

Ans: Psychologist provides therapies and diagnose clients issues and resolve them, for this they need a license for license these qualifications should be fulfilled then one can be eligible for license:-

Bachelors in Psychology or as a subject/ Clinical Psychology/ Applied Psychology/ Social Work.

Masters in Psychology/ Clinical Psychology/ Applied Psychology/ Social Work.

MPhil in Clinical Psychology/ Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology/ PsyD in Clinical Psychology (all must be approved by RCI then only one can get license)

Other than these are called school psychologist, Psychometrist, Corporate Psychologist they just need Graduation in Psychology field but they can’t provide technical help without a professional supervision like interning under a professional psychologist then cooperating them in cases.

9) Is Applied Psychology better to be a Clinical Psychologist or General Psychology?

Ans: A.3 In graduation level or postgraduation level you don’t need to take any specific subject to become a clinical psychologist, any subject will go but should be under psychology field only then for license you need to pursue Clinical Psychology from a RCI approved institute only.


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