How to become a RCI registered clinical psychologist in India


How to become a Clinical Psychologist in India?

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According to The MHCA, 2017

"Clinical psychologist" means a person --- having a recognized qualification in Clinical Psychology from an institution approved and recognized, by the Rehabilitation Council of India, constituted under section 3 of the Rehabilitation Council of India Act, 1992

To become a clinical psychologist firstly you need to complete your Masters in Psychology (MA / M.Sc) (regular mode masters is preferred always).

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology

The trainee will be prepared to work as a qualified professional Clinical Psychologist in the areas of mental and physical health after completing the two year full-time program.

After completing the course, the trainee is expected to:

•Diagnosis of mental health issues
•They can use psychological ideas and approaches to help people with mental health issues and impairments get back on their feet.
• To take on teaching and training responsibilities in core and related areas of Clinical Psychology.
• To perform administrative, supervisory, and decision-making duties in the mental health field.
• To deliver expert witness in a court of law in a variety of capacities.

Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology

One - year full - time training program with theoretical and practical components, with the goal of providing services with a minimal level of competency in core clinical psychology domains.

After completing the course, candidates are eligible to apply for Associate Clinical Psychologists positions in a variety of health care settings, including short and long - term mental health care facilities, mental health institutes, private / public run general or mental hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation units, schools, and other community care centers

(but not faculty positions in the field of Clinical Psychology teaching and training).

Getting a license from RCI

Once you complete your Masters in Psychology you need to take a license from Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). Course mentioned below are approved by RCI

To become an Associate Clinical Psychologist:
Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology

To become a Clinical Psychologist choose either:
M.Phill in Clinical Psychology
Psy.D in Clinical Psychology

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology

The Psy.D. is a four-year applied clinical doctorate degree with the goal of preparing candidates to practice at the doctoral level with the flexibility to be useful in a variety of practitioner roles, make scholarly contributions to the professional community, and take leadership roles in the mental health field.

Based on the principle of gradually increasing levels of responsibility in core areas and sub - specializations, the goal of this program is to train and assist candidates in developing the knowledge base, attitudes, judgment, professionalism, and technical skills required to function as a consultant clinical. psychologist and trainer.

- source Rehabilitation council of India


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