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What is signature analysis?

• Tells us how the writer prefers to be seen and reflect the outer image they wish to project to other.
• Graphomania refers to having 2 or more different signature.
• Signatures are the most difficult part to forge.

Positioning of signatures

1. Close to the last line of the text: shows the writer believes in and is honest about what is written. This is especially so if the letter is personal.
2. If made to the left of center of the page: indicate caution, self defence or self protection. If made to the extreme left of the page, may indicate lack of confidence, reserves nature.
3. If made in the center of the page: may want to be at the forefront of things as much as possible
4. If made to the right of the center of the page: may be relatively outgoing, social person who tends to take initiative.
5. If made to the extreme right of the page: has a lively active personality.

Size of the signatures

1. If the signature is well balanced with the text, that is legible and of the same size as the mail body text: indicates a reliable steady but fairly consecutive character.
2. Signature is made smaller than the main body text: may suggest introversion, writer may be sensitive or mild.
3. Signature is made larger than the main body of the text: indicates forceful, confident, determined character.
4. Signatures much larger than the main body of the text: writer may be selfish, over confident, proud, pretentious person having an over- bearing outlook.

Size of capitals in signature

• Large emphasised exaggerated legible signature: implies a healthy ego but one which may have some inferiority problems.
• Large emphasised exaggerated but illegible signature: indicates bad manners, rudeness and thoughtfulness on the part of the writer.

Other signs

1. Name signed in full: writers who sign their first and middle names and surnames in display a sense of self importance.
2. Putting a full stop at the end of the signature: indicates that the writer wants his last say of the words and may not be open to much discussion on that topic.
3. Putting a semi colon at the end of the signature: writer may entertain more discussion but is quite reluctant to pursue the subject any further at the time of writing.
4. Underlining one’s signature: may be cautious, self confident.
5. If there is a heavy line under the signature: shows energy and enthusiasm, writer would not allow anyone very close until certain of their motives.
6. Line put over the signature: implies a stern insistence upon self protection may be self selfish and dislike change
7. Line appears above and below signatures: may be lonely, reserved, always suspicious of the motives of others and may find it difficult to trust other.
8. Double line below signature: may be selfish, having a strong desire for personal recognition and a need for status either at work or socially.
9. Signature contains elaborate curlicues, exotic design and flourishes: may reflect ostentation and an inflated ego.
10. Signature contains a short line under the first time: may indicate formality
11. Signature contains short line under surname only: preference for formal approach until deciding otherwise.
12. If a line strikes through the name in the signature: may appear deceptive or shallow.
13. Presence of X formation or series of X in signature: indicates significant degree of emotional disturbance or serious loss of self esteem.


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