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Manifestation to attract a message, text or call from a desired person
It can be used in any relationship, with friends, family and in romantic relationships as well.
Just look at their photograph for 3 minutes continuously and speak
Hey I got your message, thanks for messaging
Say it with feeling of joy that finally you called me and we are having a conversation.
Thanks universe.
Angel number for healing heart chakra and attract right partner
Write 741 with pink pen on your left hand.
- Chant the number daily
- Write many times in a book
- Write on wall (Only Numbers meant for that Area).
- Write on body anywhere daily
You can chant either as full number or in plain digits. Full number is
more effective than plain digits.
You can chant for others also....
Don't spend your energy focus on counting the number of times. Focus
on wish, intention, outcome...
Writing on body:
Write on body or write the numbers on a sticker paper or tape and stick
on body. Only write once after every bath.
Writing many times in a notebook:
Just an alternative to chanting... Some members find it easier than
chanting... repeat the number while writing many times
manifestation for marriage
Do this manifestation on Friday.
To manifest a happy marriage, good marriage proposals and right partner.
See images of good couples everyday with happiness and joy.
No judgement, jealousy and no criticism, even if you are having subconscious thoughts, make sure you are consciously feeling happy to see good couples.
Meditate on shiv shakti, Radha Krishna. Just make sure you see their pictures daily, put it as wallpapers or profile photo or visit temple daily.
Get those vibrations of love
As you know manifestation means wherever you put focus you will manifest it.
So continuously put focus on the feelings of love and good relationships.
If you know any couple who is having a good marital life just like you want, take anything from them.
Like any blanket, bedsheet or any decorations item as gift or in cash whatever you can manage or just look to their family happily and pray
I am living a happily married life馃槃
Main thing is energy, when you exchange energies with people who have the things you want to have, you will definitely attract those things in life

*5*55 technique* & 3*33 technique
start this manifestation on Thursday or Friday.
If you want reconciliation with your partner
You want to manifest a desired person in your life.
Then do these simple steps.

Step 1 Make sure you are in a calm state before doing any technique.

Do something you love like any fun thing dancing ,singing, music to achieve a blissful state.
You can do meditation, physical exercises or yoga.

Spend time in nature
Chant any mantra.
Reciting mantras of lord shiva Parvati can help in marriage issues.
Step 2 Sit in a quiet and comfortable place.
Just remember all positive things about your partner (no negative thoughts, avoid it)
How you spend time with him or her
Think of those moments
Go in that state of peace, joy and happiness of memories.

Step 3 Visualization
Just visualize it for 11 minutes continuously.
You can see old photographs if you have.
Just meditate on a good photograph of you both together.

Step 4 write in your journal.
Your desires with clear intention.
It Should be in one line.
Don't make it too lengthy.
You have to write the same line for 55 times daily for 5 days.
5*55 is more powerful to bring big changes and new beginnings.
Or you can write the same line for 33 times 3 days continuously.
3*33 can bring happiness and more communication in your relationship.
Don鈥檛 miss a day, do it continuously.
You have to write in present /present continuous tense.
I am attracting the right person
I am attracting _ name of person in my life.
I am happily married _ (write your person鈥檚 name)
I am having a healthy relationship with my partner.
I am with the right person.

Keep this diary with you until universe doesn't show you signs of your manifestation.

*Show gratitude to universe*
Whenever you do any manifestation technique behave as if universe has listened to your wish and say thank u universe.
Wear rose quartz crystal

What Does Rose Quartz Attract?

The pink quartz crystal has the ability to attract love. It attracts love into your world in all its forms; romantic love, but also friendship, nurturing, communication with peers and partners. It also has a strong association with self-love.
The stone has been used in the past as a symbol of good luck. A person can use the stone to maintain youth and enhance beauty.
One of the best ways to use rose quartz crystal is to by wearing it as well as by carrying it on your person, you should be able to align yourself quite easily with its powers. This will enable you to attract love into your space.
Wear it in the form of jewelry, like a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. You can carry it in your pocket or in your purse, which will allow you to touch and even hold it if ever you have the need to. Also bring it into your living environment, possibly placing it on your desk or next to your bed. This will allow you to have a reminder all the time that love is around you and is in your environment.
How to recharge crystal
Just keep them in sunlight or moonlight
Or wash with salt water, however some crystals get damaged in water so be careful.

Wish box technique

Take a box or a bag.
Whatever your desires are just collect those items resonating with your wish.
For egg for marriage, love and healthy relationship.
Keep rose quartz crystal, love image, 2 pairs of swans or any image
Sandor, Bangles, makeup accessories
For boys also you can keep any photograph of your idol marriage couple Any drawing, painting.
Gifts you want to give to your partner.
Accessories you want to wear for your special day.
Just start buying those elegant stuffs and keep it separate.
Affirm that you will wear it once you find your potential right partner.
Don鈥檛 wear anything till then.
See this bag everyday if possible.
Set your intentions in it.
Visualize your dreams by seeing it.
See marriage songs, videos, dresses.
See couples who have strong bond.
Show gratitude to universe 鉂わ笍

Candle Technique
Take a pink color candle.
Visualize a pink ray coming from universe and surrounding your aura.
Close your eyes.
And imagine all good times you have spend with your partner All happy memories that makes you happy.
Sit comfortably and peacefully.
Call archangel camel
Archangel Chamoe is also on a special divine assignment to reunite soul mates and twin flames. He guides people to have the most beautiful relationships at all times. Chamoe will bring strength and empowerment where equality and balance is missing within a relationship. Giving confidence and courage to leave, change or create a new space for your own love where a relationship becomes unhealthy.
Often inner blocks can cause tension, distrust, frustration and other kinds of problems within close relationships. These blocks are usually due to trauma from the past for example grief, divorce, separation and abuse. It can then make it difficult or impossible even to fully experience divine love. With Chamuel's help these blocks can be transmuted and transformed with his healing power of infinite love. Allow the emotional wounds of your soul to be healed with this Archangels wonderful energy.

Say I call my guardian angels and archaengel chamuel to bring me love.
Ask your wish in very specific way
And burn that pink candle.
That candle will burn and make an image too at the end.
You can interpret that image also.

One more way is you can take small water in bowl and dip the candle wax in water, it will make an image and tells you about your relationship and brings healing.
Bay leaf ritual
Take a bay leaf and write what you want to attract in specific words
For example
Attract wealth
Bring love
Bring health

For career opportunities and health, write with green color pen
For relationship, write with pink color
You can use blue color if you don't have specific color.

Then you have to burn your bay leaf visualizing you are attracting your desire.
Make sure the ashes of bay leaf are released in universe in air, water, space or sand.
Burning a bay leaf as a daily ritual also helps in releasing negative energies and brings positivity.
What actions you have to take for a healthy relationship
To manifest love 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
You have to be in the vibration of love.
If you are filled with negative thoughts of lust, anger, greed, you can't manifest true love.
The law of love and relationships is to give love to receive love.
Whatever you give out to universe, you will get back.

So, fill your mind with positive, loving and kind thoughts instead of destructive thoughts.
Whatever we put our focus into we manifest that in reality.

Forgive others so that you release the feelings of guilt, shame, hatred, and anger.
This forgiveness will give you peace of mind
Start seeing yourself as love magnet.
Don't force love and pressurize your love to others
Love will definitely be going to come to you.
路 You need to be in receiving mode Make sure you are aligned with what you have asked for.
路 Suppose I want a worthy trustful partner, what should I do to attract him or her. I should become a loyal and truthful person myself.
路 Don鈥檛 settle for anything less than you deserve.
路 Practice compassion
路 Listen to your intuition
路 Realize your self worth
Don鈥檛 attract toxic relationships who can spoil you, cheat you or manipulate you
How can you groom yourself more?
路 Pay attention to yourself and your family. Invest in your self-care, when you love yourself, you attract better So love yourself first.
路 Start understanding relationships and pay attention to your relationships in general, how you can become more better and compassionate.


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