Art Therapy Certificate Course

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About the course

The use of artistic methods to treat psychological disorders and enhance mental health is known as art therapy. Art therapy is a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being.

People have been relying on the arts for communication, self-expression, and healing for thousands of years. But art therapy didn’t start to become a formal program until the 1940s.

Doctors noted that individuals living with mental illness often expressed themselves in drawings and other artworks, which led many to explore the use of art as a healing strategy. Since then, art has become an important part of the therapeutic field and is used In some assessment and treatment techniques.

Course Details

Teacher – Dr Shilpa Modi
· Start date – 25th September
· End date – 4th October
· Timings- 4 to 5 PM
· Days – Monday- Saturday
· Dates – August: 28,29,20,31
September: 1,2,3,4,5 & 6


● Notes
● Session Recording
● Hard Copy of the certificate
● Letter of Recommendation
● Performance Letter
● Practical Training

Topics to be covered

Basic introduction about art therapy. How it’s different from other therapies. Difference from other forms.
Gratitude activity, its usage and benefits
Scribble activity
Different forms of Scribble with different population
Clarity of heart and mind activity
Fortune teller activity
Draw a person in rain- a detailed activity- administration
Interpretation of Draw a person in rain
Shout out activity
Grounding technique
Rain cloud activity
Colour my day, thanks letter, courage box and other short activities

Why should one attend this the Course?

Art therapy can be used to treat a wide range of mental disorders and psychological distress. In many cases, it might be used in conjunction with other psychotherapy techniques such as group therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. An art therapist may use a variety of art methods, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage with clients ranging from young children to older adults. Clients who have experienced emotional trauma, physical violence, domestic abuse, anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues can benefit from expressing themselves creatively

Who can take up this course?

● Students
● Working professionals
● Social activists
● Counsellors
● Teachers
● HR’S
● Psychologists/ Psychiatrists
● Individual who works in different MNC’S & Start-up companies
● Anyone who is interested

Know your facilitator

Dr. Shilpa Modi
Ph.D. in positive psychology, national eligibility test qualified (NET), Masters in psychology, graduation with honors in psychology. Diploma holder in art therapy and Guidance and counselling, certified career coach by govt. of India. Awarded as National young scientist award and Rashtra Nirman ratan award 2022, she is Master trainer by Govt. of Punjab in drug de-addiction project.

Sample Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this course accredited ?

Yes, its accredited by International Association of Therapist

2) Will I be able to practice the therapy after the course ?

Yes, After the course completion you able to practice the therapy given you have completed your master's in psychology, you’ll also be eligible to participate in workshops and training programs, but you won't be able to teach the course until you've practiced it for five years.

3) Will Theory & Practical both be covered during this course duration ?

Yes, the course is structured in a manner that it covers both practical & theory aspects.

4) Can I register if I am not from psychology background ?

Yes, the program curriculum was developed to progress from basic to advanced level

5) Will I get Hardcopy of the certificate?

Yes, the hard copy of the certificate will be couriered by HR’O’HOUR

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