Parapsychology Professional Practitioner Course

● Single Person –1700
● Group of 3 – 4500
● Group of 5 – 6500

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About the course

This fascinating and thought-provoking parapsychology course will teach you everything that you need to know about parapsychology and how to go about investigating the mysterious for yourself.Parapsychology is the study of paranormal phenomena involving the human mind.Para is from Greek and means ‘beside, closely related to, beyond’. The term parapsychology replaced psychical research to indicate the shift towards experimental methodology and academic discipline

Course Details

• Start Date ( Live Class) – 5th March
• Ending Date: 9th March
• Number of Hours: 5
• Days: Sunday to Thursday
• Time: 06:00 Pm - 07:00 Pm
• Mode: Online
Level :Basic to Advanced Level Training


● Peer Counseling
● In- Session Practice
● Quizzes & Role Plays
● Notes & Study Material
● PPT & Live Q&A sessions
● Session Recording ( Downloadable )
● Hard Copy of the certificate
● Letter of Recommendation ( E- Copy )
● Performance Letter ( E- Copy )
● Practical Training

Topics to be covered

Basic level
● Introduction
● Scope
● Applications of Parapsychology
● Understanding science or pseudoscience elements
Intermediate Level
● Science or Pseudoscience
● Probability and coincidence
● Placebo effect
● Deja vu
Advanced Level
● The beliefs
● Astrology
● Realms of the paranormal
● The Unusual Experiences
● Unconscious awareness
● Dreams
● Alien abductions
Expert level
● Paranormal cognition
● Near-death experiences
● Understanding therapies to merge with this

Why should one attend this the Course?

● You’ll get to learn something beyond conventional
● This course would help you understand the psyche of people who are into spiritual and psychic things
● You will be able to identify and understand the aspect of parapsychology in real life.

Who can take up this course?

● The great thing is that there are no prerequisites for this course, just an internet connection, a note pad and pen and an open and willing mind!
● The student may already be qualified or studying Psychology or Esoteric Practices
● The student may wish to learn this course for their own self development

Know your facilitator

Jhanvi Kundra
(Counselling Psychologist, Expressive Art Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Queer Affirmative Therapist, Fashion & Travel Psychologist)
Jhanvi Kundra specializes in the field of Counselling Psychology and is intrigued to work and contribute to the areas of relationships & family therapy, anxiety, depression, trauma therapy & mindfulness.
A word from your Facilitator
I love mysteries, and the human mind is the biggest mystery I'm interested in. From painting with fingers to gardening the plants, I believe we can heal our minds by being mindful of every little thing around us.
Sample Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this course accredited ?

Yes, its accredited by International Association of Therapist

2) Will I be able to practice the therapy after the course ?

Yes, After the course completion you able to practice the therapy given you have completed your masters in psychology, you’ll also be eligible to participate in workshops and training programs, but you won't be able to teach the course until you've practiced it for five years.

3) Will Theory & Practical both be covered during this course duration ?

Yes, the course is structured in a manner that it covers both practical & theory aspects.

4) Can I register if I am not from psychology background ?

Yes, the program curriculum was developed to progress from basic to advanced level

5) Will I get Hardcopy of the certificate?

Yes, the hard copy of the certificate will be couriered by HR’O’HOUR

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