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About the course

"The Psychology of Money: Understanding the Mind-Wealth Connection & Creation" is a course that delves into the intricate relationship between psychology and personal finance. The course aims to provide participants with insights into the behavioral and cognitive factors that influence how people think about, manage, and accumulate wealth. It emphasizes the importance of understanding one's own money mindset and how it can impact financial decisions and outcomes.

Course Details

Start date –30TH SEPTEMBER 2023
End date – 02nd OCTOBER 2023
Time- 8-9 p.m.
Days – Friday/Saturday/ Sunday


● Notes
● Session Recording
● Hard Copy of the certificate
● Letter of Recommendation
● Performance Letter
● Practical Training

Topics to be covered

DAY 1-

Module 1: Introduction to Money Psychology

Explore the fundamental concepts of the course.
Understand the role of psychology in shaping financial behaviors and outcomes.
Introduce the concept of money mindset and its significance.

Module 2: Money Beliefs and Mindsets

Examine different money mindsets, such as scarcity mindset, abundance mindset, and fear of money.
Understand how past experiences and cultural influences shape our beliefs about money.
Learn how these beliefs can impact financial decision-making and behavior.

Module 3: Behavioral Economics and Money

Study key principles of behavioral economics and how they relate to financial choices.
Understand how biases and heuristics can lead to irrational financial decisions.

DAY 2-

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence and Financial Well-being

Learn about emotional intelligence and its relevance to financial success.
Explore strategies for managing emotions during financial ups and downs.

Module 5: Goal Setting and Financial Planning

Explore the process of setting meaningful financial goals.
Learn techniques to create a personalized financial plan.
Understand how aligning financial goals with values and aspirations contributes to long-term success.

Module 6: Overcoming Financial Challenges

Identify common financial challenges and stressors.
Develop strategies to overcome setbacks and obstacles.
Explore the importance of resilience and adaptability in financial management.

DAY 3-

Module 7: Investing and Risk Perception

Learn techniques to make informed and rational investment decisions.
Understand how to create a balanced approach to wealth accumulation and well-being.

Module 8: Generational Wealth and Legacy

Explore the idea of generational wealth and passing on financial knowledge.
Discuss the importance of teaching financial literacy to future generations.

Module 9: Creating a Positive Money Mindset

Summarize key takeaways from the course.
Provide practical strategies to develop a positive and healthy money mindset.
Encourage ongoing self-reflection and personal growth in the context of finances

Why should one attend this the Course?

Anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of the psychology behind money, make better financial decisions, and create a positive and healthy relationship with money can benefit from attending this course. Whether you're a novice in finance or already well-versed, the course provides a comprehensive exploration of the intersection between psychology and wealth creation.

Who can take up this course?

• Individuals Seeking Financial Literacy
• Professionals in Finance and Wealth Management:
• Entrepreneurs and Business Owners:
• Students and Young Adults:
• Individuals Struggling with Financial Stress:
• Those Looking to Overcome Financial Mistakes:
• Couples and Families
• Individuals Seeking a Balanced Life
• Anyone Interested in Personal Growth
• Those Interested in Generational Wealth

Know your facilitator

Soma Sengupta : Soma Sengupta is a highly experienced Senior Corporate L&D (Learning & Development) professional with over 24 years of experience in various roles, including Training & Development and Business Development. She has worked in diverse industries, including Life Insurance, Telecom, and Services. Her expertise lies in motivational and soft skills training, career counseling, content development, and instructional design & Money Management.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this course accredited ?

Yes, its accredited by International Association of Therapist

2) Will I be able to practice the therapy after the course ?

Yes, After the course completion you able to practice the therapy given you have completed your masters in psychology, you’ll also be eligible to participate in workshops and training programs, but you won't be able to teach the course until you've practiced it for five years.

3) Will Theory & Practical both be covered during this course duration ?

Yes, the course is structured in a manner that it covers both practical & theory aspects.

4) Can I register if I am not from psychology background ?

Yes, the program curriculum was developed to progress from basic to advanced level

5) Will I get Hardcopy of the certificate?

Yes, the hard copy of the certificate will be couriered by HR’O’HOUR

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