Quality Policy

The following management principles and behaviors characterize and strongly guide our Quality Policy:

• Create a mutually beneficial relationship with our interns, ensuring their long-term success by understanding their requirements and assisting them with their field research.

• Keeping our pledges to consistency, cost, and punctuality.

• Improve systematic analysis and the adoption of relevant preventative strategies at all levels to achieve dependable risk management.

• We want to foster continual quality improvement and innovation based on effective constructive feedback, well-defined benchmarks, industry standards, and consumer surveys.

HR'O'HOUR aspires to be the greatest psychological and mental health service provider in the business. Through the application of these guiding principles, everyone in the Company is accountable for ensuring that our customers' requirements and expectations are met or exceeded by providing best-in-class educational and counselling services. Our goal is to provide 100 percent client satisfaction every time.


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